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    500KV steel core aluminum stranded wire production factors

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    500KV steel core aluminum stranded wire production factors

    working temperature: 90-120 degree
    Wire Gauge: 1.6-9.5mm
    Certificate: SGS,ISO 9001,CCC

    1, wire line to a certain tension, the wire disc loose to fastening, prevention of wire plate apart damage wire.
    2, the pre twisted ring spacing adjustment should be consistent with the lead pitch. The die seat and pre twisted ring distance should be properly.
    3, aluminum wire disc tension should regulate the basic uniform, in order to avoid wire serpentine.
    4, aluminum monofilament prohibited collision wound line in the transport process.
    5, often check the tightness of the timely replacement of die, die, in order to avoid a single wrong stock phenomenon.
    6, cable should avoid abrasion between the line and line. When necessary, a pad of paper should be between layers.
    7, before driving should check the cutter body and a line, ensure that the cutter body is not lead people, protective nets in place, the traction wire is in place to start driving program, after the alarm to speed drive. No alarm is strictly prohibited to drive.
    8, strengthen the monitoring layer, adjacent outer cutter body, a body length meters into prevent line disconnection. Once broken, should be promptly stop welding repair.
    9, with special emphasis on: because the protocol requires outer no solder joints, outer wire must be bonding with cold, identification card and receipt shall indicate the spot meters, in order to facilitate communication with customer consultation. The available resistance welding, but must annealing. Break into the inner tube body must welding handle reproduction, is strictly prohibited or not welded to continue production.

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details: wooden drums, steel drums or steel-wooden drums
    Delivery Detail: 22 days

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    500KV steel core aluminum stranded wire production factors

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