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    Flexible water-proof cabtyre cable for submersible motor

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    ※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.

    Flexible water-proof cabtyre cable for submersible motor

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    Asynchronous Motor
     Insulation Material:  PVC/Rubber 

    submersible motor / submersible pump / pump

    zmscable  Water Submersible motor is water filling 3 phase induction motor which is designed for driving water submersible pump and gives reliable quality. The motor is water insulated design. The casing and upper end are connected by bolt. All conductors of squirrel-cage of the rotor are made of pure copper bars. And the stator winding is using water-proof wires. The thrust bearing is made from graphite and thrusts lubricated & cooled by water ensured durable operation with heavy load.
    The motors with advanced design offer good quality, long life service and easy maintenance.
    Standard supply and operating condition
    Standard Supply:
    ·Outer diameter: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16.
    ·Rated Voltage: 3PH 380V-460V, 50HZ/ 60HZ direct on line or star/delta start.
    ·Protecting Grade: IP58 or IP68.
    ·Speed: 2 poles
    ·Body material: Normal casting iron & steel or Stainless Steel.
    ·Length of leading cable: 2-6m.
    ·Winding wires: PE/PA, PE/PP or PE2/PA.
    ·Seals: Oil seals or mechanical seal.
    ·Sand proof: sand slinger.

    Standard Operating Condition:

    ·Installation position: Vertical.
    ·Surround Water Temperature: less than 30
    ·Motor installing position in well: The depth of submergence more than 70 M & the min. distance to the bottom of well not be less than 5M.
    ·Duty: Continuous (S1).
    ·Max. Voltage Tolerance: +6%/-10%.
    ·Max. Frequency Tolerance: ±1%,
    ·Water quality: Sand content (weight ratio) in water should not exceed 0.01%, chlorine ion content should not be over 400mg/L.
    ·Water PH value: 6.5~8.5
    ·Liquid Inside: Clean water or Anti-freezing mixture liquid filled into motor before operation.
    ·Min. cooling Water Flow: 20cm/s for motors up to 18.5KW and 50cm/s for the above.
    ·Starts per Hours: Max. 10 times.
    ·Service factor: 1.00 for motor in 50HZ and 1.10 for 60HZ.

    Products features

    ·Wide power extension for each size.
    ·Mounting Dimensions completely according to NEMA or European Standard available.
    ·Leading design and no pollution for environment.
    ·High quality thrust bearings made from graphite ensured long life operation.
    ·High Efficiency electrical design gives lower operation cost.
    ·Good surface quality.
    ·Sand slinger and shaft seal for protecting motor well.
    ·Strict inspection system and all motors 100% tested before delivery.


    ·Motors with various voltages in 50 or 60 HZ suitable for different markets.
    ·Motors in special starting methods.
    ·Motors bodies including shafts and connecting parts made of special materials such as SS304/306/316/316L and alloys for higher corrosion resistance.
    ·Extra loading capacity thrusting bearing material for heavy pump working.
    ·Motors running in the higher water temperature, maximum 90.
    ·PT 100 temperature sensor.
    ·Leading cable length according to customers demands.
    ·Non-standard coupling dimension.
    ·Higher service factor up to 1.25.
    ·Motor in 4 poles.
    ·Motor in higher voltage up to 3000V.

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details: Wooden drum, Iron wooden drum , Iron drum or according to your requirement
    Delivery Detail: within 25 working days

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