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    PVC insulation fire-resistant cable

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    PVC insulation fire-resistant cable

    Insulation Material: PVC
    Conductor Material: Copper
    Jacket: PVC

    ZMS Cable Supply manufacture PVC Insulation Power Fire-resistant Cable
    PVC Insulation Power Fire-resistant Cable is widely used in the construction of buildings airports, power transportation, urban and rural power network refor usage and using property:PVC insulation jacket fireproof power cables according to GB 12706-91 (equivalent to the standard design IEC502) and production, its physical, electrical properties and ordinary plastic power cables to the same. this fire-resistant properties in line with GB12666-90 (equivalent to the standard design IE331) Standard. PVC Insulation Power Fire-resistant CableIn addition to the transfer of power under normal operating conditions, but also can be further combustion to maintain the safe operation of a certain time. The cable's rated voltage 0.KVF, Impose: 750-800C flame burning can maintain the normal use of 180min. The use of this product will enable high-rise buildings, underground railways, power stations and some other important occasions with the fire safety and fire rescue capacity.Model and nameModel Name NH-VV PVC insulated sheath fire-proof power cable NH-VV22 PVC insulated and steel tape armored-proof electric cable PVC Insulation Power Fire-resistant Cable is our best selling power cables. If you are interested, please contact me freely.

    1. The applications: Rated voltage (U0/U) 0.6/1KV in transmission & transformation line & for water-proofing purpose .
    2. Standards: IEC60502-1 2004  ISO9001:2008
    3. Product Features:
    1) No necessary to heat up in advance while installing above 0oC.
    2) Max. continuous normal operating Temperature: 70oC (PVC Sheathed Cable).
    3) Max. Permissible temperature at short circuit (5s. at longest): 250oC.
    4) Permissible bending radius:Single core: ≥20(d+D)±5%.
    Three-core:≥15(d+D)±5%(D is the actual overall diameter of cable, and d is the actual overall diameter of conductor).

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Detail: Standard export wooden drum or as your required
    Delivery Detail: Within 15 working days

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