Our quality cables power some of the world’s most demanding industries. From mining, marine, oil & gas to the rail industry, our technical team is experienced in dealing with existing and new applications that are expected to perform in challenging environments.

  • Nigeria

    Africa is a vast market for cables and wires and it takes big share in our supply. As largest economy in Africa, Nigeria has huge demand on cables. NNPC the power utility is one of our main partner. We won the tenders from NNPC in year 2016 , regarding SUBJECT: PURCHASE OF 3000METERS OF 11KV / Cu/3* FLAME RETARDANT POWER CABLE. The end user has sent engineers for factory preshipment test and the goods are working perfectly until now. We will have more business with NNPC.

  • Pakistan

    ZMS has rich experience on working government and private projects in Pakistan. In year of 2015, we supplied 600KM ACSR Rail conductor, 100KM Shield wire to STDC project for 132 KVA DOUBLE CIRCUIT TRANSMISSION LINE FROM NOORIABAD POWER PLANT TO KE GRID STATION 2015 . The project was completed quite successfully and reported in Pakistan local news. Our cables are working quite well without great satisfaction from user use. We will continue to provide best quality and excellent service to every customer.

  • Guyana

    Guyana in the northeastern South America, called the "republic of Guyana," Indian meaning as "township of the waters". In year of 2014, we have supplied cable to Property of Guyana Power and light, Inc. The cables are 600M 15kV EPR copper cables, Bare aluminium wire AAC 78km, ABC Cable 500km, 32.4km Ground copper conductors. The cables has been installed successfully are working while until now.

  • European

    Our cables are delivered to European countries at high quality and competitive prices. From 2016 to 2017, we provide 33kV 3*300 power cable 15km, AL/XLPE/CWS/SWA/LSZH. The difficulty in producing such cables is the outfitting process. Our factory is less Chinese manufacturers, equipped with more than 90 armored production lines. Our cables have successfully passed end-user testing at the factory and in end-user testing laboratories. End users like our quality very much.

ZMS Cable supply the power cables to Mongolia OT Mining

Mongolia has maintained an economic growth of around 10% in recent years. China has been Mongolia's largest trading partner and investment country for more than 10 years, making important contributions to the local economic development. The OT Mining, the country's largest copper and gold mine in the southern part of Mongolia, is one of the biggest drivers of the country's economy. The mine is called a world-class mining project. The initial proven copper reserves amount to more than 30 million tons, 1328 tons of gold, 7,600 tons of silver, and mineral resources such as molybdenum. If underground mine expansion is completed, the OT gold deposit is expected to account for a third of Mongolia's economic output by 2020. ZMS Cable supplied power cables over one million USD to Mongolia market in 2017,and half of them to OT mining project. The mainly products are 1kV Copper SWA armored cable,10kV XLPE cable ,underground cable for the basic construction of the workshop and warehouse.

ZMS CABLE GROUP, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of cable & wire with great experience in cable industry field. Our Cable business evolves over 90 countries, achieves high performance, average sales revenue of $300 million per year, also trains over 60 sales elites. ZMS Cable have a wide product scope, includes: Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, AAAC, ACSR conductors, ABC Cable, electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires. With advanced manufacture technology, rich human resource and effective management system, we guarantee all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN standards, etc. Beyond quality control, ZMS Cable have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

ZMS Cable supply the 66kV Power cable to Philippines replacement project

The hostile environment, high temperature, high humidity, very strict to cable requirements. Before production, ZMS Cable electrical Engr. did lots of research and study work to face this kind very high requirement work environmental. Based on that situation design the cable specification as fellows, 36/66KV Power Cable with Copper Conductor, XLPE Insulation, metal screen with Aluminum corrugated, HDPE out sheath 1x1200mm2. Even the packing drum to fit the long time sea shipment and the local work condition. After many repeated confirmations, ZMS Cable finally gained the trust of the customer and succeeded in getting the order. During the production period, ZMS Cable from the procurement, production, quality inspection and other links strictly to good quality. We took the photos, and same video for client in every production step, they can see everything like in the workshop by themselves. Also we fellows after-sales make sure when the client got the cables, the cable and packing drum is intact.

ZMS Cable quality control department shoulders on the responsibility of the quality inspection and quality management, for the quality inspection, not only the need of each kind of raw materials into the factory inspection, but also the production process inspection and supervision, eventually completed the factory inspection of product. In recent years, ZMS Cable has deeply cultivated the Philippine power grid business, especially the contract of power transmission and transformation and the maintenance of regional power grid, and has achieved good results, and has won the EPC construction company Project in the Philippines for many times. The project is the company's long-term adhere to vigorously develop "area all the way along the" national market after another made gratifying achievements, realize the company on the voltage class power transmission and transformation project in the Philippines and a breakthrough.