Brief Introduction of Fire resistant cable

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At present, the cable industry used to be fire-retardant (Flame Retardant power cable), LSZH (Low Smoke Halogen Free - LSZH cable ) or low halogen low smoke, refractory (Fire Resistant) and other cables are expressed with a certain fire resistance For fire resistant power cables. When there are safety hazards in some dense places, fire-resistant cables are usually preferred, such as schools, hospitals, subways, shopping malls, etc.


Flame retardant cable

Flame-retardant cables are characterized by delaying the spread of flame along the cable so that the fire does not expand. Because of its low cost, it is a large variety of cables used in fireproof cables. Whether the cable is laid or bundled, the spread of the flame can be controlled within a certain range when the cable is burned, thus avoiding major disasters caused by cable fire and flame, thereby improving the fire level of the cable line.


Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Cable (LSZH)

The low-smoke, halogen-free cable is characterized by not only excellent flame retardancy, but also a material that constitutes a low-smoke, halogen-free cable that is halogen-free, less corrosive and toxic when burned, and produces a very small amount of smoke, thereby reducing the body's Damage to instruments and equipment