3.6/6kV Armoured Power Cable

6kV XLPE insulated cable, SWA, STA, Copper cable, PVC Sheath, Power Cable

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ZMS Copper/Al Conductor XLPE Insulated Steel Wire Armoured(Steel Tape Armoured) PVC Sheathed Power Cable.

Power cables for power networks, underground and in cable ducting.


IEC60502-1, BS 5467, and etc. upon request.



Number of conductors:1,3

The conductors shall comply with the requirement given in IEC


XLPE(Cross-linked Polyethylene) according to IEC


PVC(Polyaluminium Chloride) according to IEC

Metal screen

Copper Tape Screen

Galvanized steel wire/ tape armoured (SWA/STA)

Sheath colour: Black

Technical data

Rated Voltage (Uo/U)


Conductor temperature

Maximum conductor temperature in normal use: 90℃

Max.short-circuit temperature

Maximum shall not exceed 250℃(5s Max,Duration)

Installation temperature

Ambient temperature under installation shall not be below 0℃

Minimum bending radius

The bending radius of cable: (D-Diameter of cable) 

For Three Core Cable————————————-≥15D

For Single Core Cable————————————-≥20D


Copper tape screen

The purpose of the copper tape screen is to prevent cables from spreading electromagnetic fields.

 This will prevent the cable from affecting other cables or equipment in the direct surroundings of the CU-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable. 

The copper tape screen is also used as a grounding system for the cable.

Electrical specifications

Nominal area of conductorConductor diameterNom. cross- sectional of metal. screenInsulation thicknessSeparation sheath thicknessArmour wire diameterOuter sheath thicknessAprox. overall diameterAprox. cable weight CopperAprox. cable weight Alumin.
No x mm2mmmm2mmmmmmfmmmmkg/kmkg/km
3 x 164.9102.
3 x 256.1162.
3 x 357.2162.
3 x 508.4162.
3 x 7010.0162.
3 x 9511.8162.
3 x 12013.0162.
3 x 15014.5252.
3 x 18516.1252.
3 x 24018.2252.
3 x 30020.8252.

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