6/10KV Armoured Power Cable

10kV XLPE insulated cable, SWA, STA, Copper cable, PVC Sheath, Power Cable

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Suitable for burying in ground, Able to bear external mechanical forces but large pulling forces.


IEC60502-1, BS 5467, and etc. upon request.


1 ..... Stranded bare copper

2 ..... Inner layer of semi-conducting material

3 ..... Core insulation of cross-linked polyethylene

4 ..... Outer layer of semi-conducting material

5 ..... Screen of copper tape

6 ..... Screen of copper wires()

7 ..... Fillers strip, Yarn, or Paper

8 ..... Non woven Wrapping tape or Flame Retardant

9 ..... Extruded PVC Inner Covering

10 .... Galvanized Steel Tape Armoured

11 .... Overall Sheath: polyvinylchloride (PVC) or FR-PVC, PE, LSOH

Technical data

Rated voltage:6/10kV

Maximum Conductor Temperature: under normal (90 OC), emergency (130OC) or short circuit no more than 5 s (250℃) conditions.

Min. Ambient Temp.  0 OC, after installation and only when cable is in a fixed position

Min. Bending Radius: 15 x cable O.D for single core

12 x cable O.D for multi core


Copper tape screen

The purpose of the copper tape screen is to prevent cables from spreading electromagnetic fields.

 This will prevent the cable from affecting other cables or equipment in the direct surroundings of the CU-XLPE-CTS-PVC cable. 

The copper tape screen is also used as a grounding system for the cable.

Electrical specifications

Nominal area of conductorConductor diameterNom. cross- sectional of metal. screenInsulation thicknessSeparation sheath thicknessArmour wire diameterOuter sheath thicknessAprox. overall diameterAprox. cable weight CopperAprox. cable weight Alumin.
No x mm2mmmm2mmmmmmfmmmmkg/kmkg/km
3 x 164.9102.
3 x 256.1162.
3 x 357.2162.
3 x 508.4162.
3 x 7010.0162.
3 x 9511.8162.
3 x 12013.0162.
3 x 15014.5252.
3 x 18516.1252.
3 x 24018.2252.
3 x 30020.8252.

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