Airport Lighting Cable

The FAA L-824 type is the airport lighting cable with copper conductor, XLPE insulation, Copper tape /copper wire shielded.

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ZMS Airport Lighting Cable is primarily used for series lighting circuits for runways, control systems, and other multi-purpose installations. It can be used for direct burial, conduit, or raceway. These cables are capable of operating continuously at a conductor temperature not in excess of 90°C for normal operation, 130°C for emergency overload conditions, and 250°C for short circuit conditions. Voltage rating for conductors is 5,000 volts


FAA Specification L-824, AC150/5345-7E, and ICEA S-66-524.


Voltage: 5kV

Conductor: Stranded bare or tinned copper.

Inner Semi-Conductor: Extruded semi-conducting compound.

Insulation: XLPE.

Outer Semi-Conductor: Semi conducting tape or extruded. 

Shield: Copper or brass tape(s). Tinned copper wire braid can be offered upon request.

Sheath: PVC/ PE/XLPE can be offered upon request.

Sheath colour: Black

Technical data

Operating voltage:5000 V

Test voltage: 20000 VAC, according to IEC TS 62100

Partial discharge level test: 5000 V, no partial discharge

Operation temperature:–40°C to + 90°C

Permissible short therm: + 250°C

Lowest ambient temperature:–60°C

Bending radius: Static installation > 10×outer

Special version upon request

Transversal waterproof version with aluminium tape

6 kV version

1×10 mm& RM version


Skydrol and hydrolysis resistant

Good behaviour in low ambient temperature

Dimensions and Weights(Copper Tape Shield)

ConstructionPart No.No. of strandsOuterΦInsulation thicknessShielding materialConfiguration Shielding semiconductorWeight
No.xmm2  mmmm  kg/km
1X8 AWG RM 7132.5copperlongitudinal212

Electrical specifications

ConstructionPart No.Conductor resistanceShielding resistanceOperating capacity
No.xmm2 Ω/kmΩ/kmµF/km
1X8 AWG RM ≤2.10≤5.250.181

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