Self-Regulating Heating Cables

Self-Regulating Heating Cables,220V Self-Regulating Heating Cables,110V Self-Regulating Heating Cables,380V Self-Regulating Heating Cables,Tinned copper screen self-regulating heating cables

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Self regulating heating cable provide the most versatility in heat trace design and applications. Constructed of a Semiconductive heater matrix extruded between parallet buswires, a self regulating cable adjusts its output to independently respond to ambient temperatures all along its length. As temperatures increase,the heater's resisteance increase which lower the output wattage. Conversely, as the temperature decrease, the resistance decreases and the cable produces more heat. So it is no need thermostat in some applications. It will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped by itself(overlapped). Also can be cut to any length. It is an convenient maintenance,easy use and energy efficient heating cable.


Voltage: 12V 24V 36V 110V 220V 380V

Conductive plastic layer: PTC

Insulating layer: modified polyolefinInsulation

Shield: Tinned copper wire  cover 80%

Sheath: Sheath: modified polyolefin

Technical data

Service voltage:110V-120V,220V-277V

Max.maintain temperature(power on):65°C(149°F)

Max.exposure temperature(power on or off):85°C(185°F)

Min.installation temperature:Below zero 40°C(below zero 40°F)

Output power(at 10°C):10w/m,17w/m,25w/m,31w/m,40w/m

Max.resisitance of braiding :18.2Ohm/km

Special version upon request

Optional outerjacket-TEP or FEP


Automatically adjusts heat output in response to increasing or decreasing pipe temperature

Approved for use in non-hazardous, hazardous and corrosive environments

Dimensions and Weights

Min bending radius
ZMS-HTR C11.0x4.42611
ZMS-HTR CR12.6x6.03614
ZMS-HTR CT12.0x5.43213

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